April 15, 2013

Reykjavik Boulevard | OLIVER BLOHM




" Oliver Blohm by Nina Sever:

As the saying goes, you can twist your creations as you want, only if you gutted the technique in advance.

So the technical part of Oliver’s works, is something I don’t even want to talk about, he has passed that level.

Who really cares about which kind of instant films does he use, when there is so much emotion in every single photo!?

It’s incredibly interesting to find out an experimental way of taking pictures, connected to objects and human expressions that we clearly recognize as normal (love, fear, sensuality, mystery or madness), but we also deny as something we can feel too. An everyday emotion becomes different on Oliver’s films, maybe because of lightning, or texture, or movements… Those frames appear like an indirect and a sophisticated way to say something inner, but simple. It shouldn’t be easy to find the right people to pose for this kind of projects, but there is an indisputable contribution from both parts. But the cryptic part of all Oliver Blohm‘s creations, is that it seems that he vivifies even lifeless subjects. It’s like there’s an unsaid story that starts floating around the watcher any time that a polaroid takes place.

Let’s keep those stories secret, silently watching. "