August 12, 2014





Do you participate in the “Impossible Project“? How this has affected your work?

I‘m not directly participating wth the “Impossible Project“. Sometimes I work in the Impossible Partner Store, the „Sofortbildshop Berlin“ and its gallery. When the shop moved to a bigger location in the end of last year, we had the possibility to create a small gallery for instant photography. By starting the „Instantland Gallery“ I got somehow the partner of the shop owner Jörn Freitag and together we‘re curating the gallery. But of course there is somehow an influence, especially by curating the gallery I get to know many artists and instant film lovers and it‘s always interesting to see their different works, ideas and opinions, as well as get to know them. 

Do you use new technologies like photo edition and digital cameras, or do you stick to the „old school“ style and why?

Of course I work with new technologies as well, we‘re living in 2014 and just to scan the picture, calibrate the monitor and regulate the colors in photoshop is an important digital workflow! I also use digital cameras, but normaly for commercial needs. It depends on the project and everything has its advantages and disadvan But my heart is analog. Nearly all of my pictures on my portfolio are emerged with analog techniques. I love to smell the chemie, to play with it and have a real photo to my hand, not some digital and artificial files. And sometimes I have the feeling that there is a special connection between analog material and the photographer, but it‘s hard to describe. Maybe it‘s just the fact, that it feels more like craftsmanship. And everybody should do something to feel comfortable with, because if you have prejudices against something, it will be hard to handle it. 

Which artists influence your work and what is that you love most about them?

I love the mystic of Sarah Moon, the light painting of Paolo Roversi, the straightness of Richard Avedon, the morbid worlds of Joel Peter Witkin and the strong woman of Helmut Newton. But influnces and inspirations are everywhere, you just try to let your eyes open enough.